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Before and After Alexander Technique
Before and After Alexander Technique

This last week I asked my landlord for assistance with a situation with other residents. They in turn asked me to wait. Normally this would have flown all over me and I would have been prepared for battle at the utterance of the word “wait.” Instead I found I had peace about the situation immediately. Instruction in your class has shown me a nuanced flavor to ‘wait’. I now consider what will be coming up next, in the wait you instruct before beginning a movement. This means my internal reminder to wait or stop before going into movement translated from my body to my emotional reaction. I did not hear wait as a noun that I would have to endure. It was a constructively creative challenge to me to see what is coming after the wait. There is plenty for me to do in this wait time with other residents, and I am thankful to you for giving me tools that translate beyond the expectation I had in your class of healing brokenness in my physical body. Expectations which have been met and exceeded by your careful guidance.

– Richard M. | Landscaper