De Age your Posture

Take a look at the photos below. Most of us are a variation on the photo on the left.. Very quickly we look much older than we are because of our slumped posture and we would much prefer to look more like the  photo on the right.

So the most wonderful thing to de age your posture is to:

Keep your spine long…that is how it likes to be, gently lengthened and not slumped forward and downward.

It means to bring your awareness to your backbone from the tailbone upward to the head.

You can do this by sensing all the four curves of the backbone gently lengthening upward from:

1.The sacrum (near the tailbone,) to

2.The lumbar spine (the lower back), to

3.The thoracic spine (around the rib cage) to

4.The cervical spine (the neck)

5.And right up through the crown of your head.

Now Imagine breathing up your backbone. This will help you stay up.

Try it. It may leave you feeling taller, more at ease and more expansive.

Remember it is not about stretching upward it is about undoing downward!

Best of all study the Alexander Technique!!!!!



All stories by: Deborah