Deborah Lewis

Deborah Lewis

Deborah Lewis teaches the Alexander Technique, a neuromuscular educational method for changing habits that cause pain. She is a qualified teacher having completed her 4-year training at the Center for the Alexander Technique in Berkeley, California, and is a member of the AmSAT.

Deborah works with people who suffer from chronic pain. She is also a professional dancer, personal trainer and improvisational movement teacher, who integrates her experience with her practice. This includes athletes (runners, bikers, swimmers and those in other disciplines) as well as, those who sit at their desks for long, uninterrupted periods of time.

Her knowledge of the body and how it works in conjunction with the Alexander Technique has helped many people eliminate pain and improve their lives.

Deborah has toured as a solo-dance performer, both nationally and internationally, and has received the Marin Arts Council award for excellence in choreography.

The Alexander technique has given Deborah the tools to deal with stage fright and fear of public speaking, as well as, the unique set of issues that many performers encounter whether they are actors, musicians, dancers or public speakers.