How can I tell whether I am standing up straight?

If you want your posture to be beautiful without straining to keep it that way you will love reading this. How can I tell whether I am standing up straight? Here are a few Tips Start at your feet:
  1. Where is your weight? 50% should be on the front of your feet and no more than 50% on your heels. Ever!
Move to your knees:
  1. If you notice you lock your knees all the time you are probably leaning backwards. So notice and stop locking your knees
Notice your hips/torso:
  1. Most people lean backwards and think they are standing straight. Place your hands on your hips. Now practice gently bending forward and backward from the hips to find the easiest, most tension free position for the torso. Hint: If you are leaning backwards it tends to tighten the lower back and buttocks. When you first practice Standing up (in harmony with gravity) you might feel as if you are falling forward but a quick check in the mirror will show you the truth.
Where is your head:
  1. See where your head is in space. Is your head chronically jutted in front of your torso over empty space? If so, let it return to balancing lightly on top of the spine equidistance between the front and back of the torso.
Play around with these tips and best of ALL study the Alexander Technique!


All stories by: Deborah