For runners the worst thing is to hurt your knees, ankles or hips and have to stop running. The Alexander Technique can change how you run thereby reducing and over time getting rid of pain. The technique emphasizes an easy and light gait and balanced coordinated movement patterns.


Riding a road bike can be very challenging. The neck, shoulders and back are particularly at risk of becoming very painful. The hips and knees can also be

negatively impacted by cycling. The Alexander Technique offers an optimum solution to these issues by working with these areas of the body specifically and moreover by working on the developing the best overall functioning of the whole body.

I became interested in Alexander Technique because a close friend of mine told me it could improve my singing as well as loosen up my back, not to mention I heard Paul McCartney had tried it. After only a few lessons with Deborah, I noticed my voice becoming fuller, deeper, and easier to hear without much amplification. She helped me to focus on freeing up my neck so that I was actually singing, and it has really made a difference. As a side note, I have also practiced quite a bit independently on singing in key and with the beat. That being said, Alexander lessons have given me a strong vocal foundation to work with. A nice side benefit is that I have more energy to do things like go out at the end of the day or play for longer amounts of time with my band. Deborah has been doing such a great job at teaching me to replace bad habits with good ones so I can continue to grow as a singer, and as a person.”

-Shawn H. | Musician, singer, composer