Prenatal and postnatal

Everyone who is pregnant or plans to be has the goal of improving their health. Beginning the study of the Alexander Technique in early pregnancy offers the following benefits:

  1.  Pain free posture over the duration of pregnancy.
  2. Movement that will be lighter and balanced for a practitioner of the technique.
  3. Labor will be easier.
  4. Nursing without shoulder pain.
  5. Lifting and carrying, pushing strollers filled with your infant and children will diminish chronic pain and general wear and tear and fatigue that mothers experience.
  6. Most importantly the practice of the technique offers a method to develop a calm clear body and mind that will last and last over many years. All because you make the Alexander Technique your own.

I first came to Deborah to help me deal with debilitating back pain, and I felt relief after just one lesson. The Alexander Technique has taught me to pay attention to how my body feels. Now I practice imagining myself as a marionette, allowing my neck to be free…the technique has helped me to relax and undo old habits that created tension and stress. Now I run better, I move better, and I feel better!

-Michelle V.