Tech work

Feel Better, improve your posture

The Alexander Technique is very effective at reducing pain that results from working long hours using technology. It offers relief from debilitating back, neck and shoulder issues as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome. Each of these issues arises from the development of a fixed, tight and compressed body. Through a course of lessons these habits can be dramatically affected. And the results are long lasting.

I love learning the Alexander Technique with Deborah. She has a light but authoritative touch (literally and figuratively) and is an excellent teacher. I know I am standing, sitting, walking, running and moving with more height, space, stability and power, and our lessons have helped alleviate lower back, knee, and arm pain. Consciously integrating the elements of our lessons into my daily life has been most gratifying (I often hear Deborah’s voice encouraging me to be aware of my body and address my learned habits — neck free!), and I look forward to continuing my practice with her. Thank you, Deborah.

-David H. | PR and publishing