Pain Resulting From Prolonged Computer Use Neck, shoulder, arm pain

Sitting at a computer for long periods of time can result in some serious health issues, such as, pain in the jaw, neck, shoulders or back. There might even be some pain or numbness issuing down the arm to the fingers.

Often I am asked, “How do I maintain good posture while sitting at my laptop? I find myself crushing down and my head jutting forward toward the screen. I try to sit up straight but it hurts after only a few minutes. Then I collapse and that hurts as well. And after working for hours I feel tingling and numbness in my fingers.”

A series of lessons in the Alexander Technique offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction/elimination of pain and fatigue
  • Ease while working at the computer
  • Good posture

Even if we change our desk and chair and all other equipment to ergonomically correct furniture, we still have our habits to contend with. We are the only ones who can change them. Our furniture will not change them for us.

Working with Deborah Lewis via The Alexander technique has led to a great shift in how I live in my body.

As a result of bi-weekly sessions over the past couple months, I now feel more comfortable and physically at ease than I ever have.

Deborah and I work together on a handful of themes- i will name a few: how I relate to my cell phone (holding it with ease rather than tightening in the neck and throat.. And choosing when to engage with it– rather than allowing its buzzing and ringing to over-stimulate me thru out the day), how I project my voice when teaching classes, and sitting, standing and walking with ease. I have learned so much from Deborah and our sessions have become a bi-weekly event I look forward to.
It’s been very natural to integrate the Alexander technique. Into all aspects of living- physically, mentally and emotionally. Deborah is a real gem- I would sign up for whatever she is teaching!!

-Nicole C. | Yoga Instructor