Leila B.

My Alexander lessons with Deborah proved to be highly worthwhile and of value to me. I feel in just 15+ sessions I began to undo some of the habits responsible for the severe tension I'd felt for so long at the base of my head, top of my neck. I worked with Deborah for 6-8 weeks, 2 sessions a week and it was in the regularity of showing up to the work that I began to bring a new awareness to the way that I move. Deborah is a skilled teacher and obviously believes fully in the work. I highly encourage anyone who is seriously interested in restoring the body's natural alignment and undoing the age old habits that result in chronic pain, however mild or severe to work with Deborah on a regular basis. I feel comforted to know about this work and to know that I can go back to work with Deborah in the future if and when I need it!
Deborah Lewis
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Leila B., Owner, The Pad Yoga Studio