Texting and Poor Posture

TEXTING and the Alexander Technique

The way we stand and sit while texting has turned into a national spinal emergency. According to  a recent study by the North American Spine Society, the forward collapse and hunching over of the spine is the equivalent of putting 60 lbs of weight or six bowling balls around the neck. This can lead to degeneration of the spine, and in the long term may necessitate surgery. Once you’ve developed this habit it is hard to change. The Alexander Technique offers a Sustainable long lasting way out of this potentially destructive habit. Lessons will give lasting beneficial results and greatly improved movement patterns and habits.

In the mean time here are 4 tips

  1. Try bringing the phone up to your face so that your head can stay balanced on top of the spine.
  2.  Fingers and thumbs: use the lightest touch possible while texting.
  3. Pay attention to your shoulders,  make sure they are not hunched and tensed.
  4. Do you hold your breath while texting? Allow the breath to flow in and out.


All stories by: Deborah