What brought me to the Alexander Technique

Most people find their way to the Alexander Technique because they are in abject pain and have tried every other “therapy” without success. So it is a last ditch effort.

I first came to the technique because of a knee injury. After a few lessons I had no more pain and my knee stopped buckling.  I was astonished at how quickly the pain in my knee resolved itself after having suffered with it post-op for four months.

But the other benefits that occurred were unexpected and intriguing. When I moved I felt much lighter and my balance improved without me “doing” anything such as an exercise or anything specifically to strengthen the knee itself. .

It was very “Zen.” It was learning how not to “do” rather than doing more. What is the non doing ? It turns out “Non doing,”has everything to do with becoming aware of movement habit patterns that caused me to tighten, compress and hold my body in very restrictive and painful ways. The Alexander Technique taught me how to stop myself from engaging in these habits, resulting in a restoration of natural movement.

At first it was my body that I was concerned with, but the kind of calm that a lesson can bring was something I wanted to have always. Cool, calm and collected but really!

Soon I realized that I wanted to learn how not to react habitually in the emotional realm as well. I applied the principles of the Alexander technique in live situations, situations that I would normally react very negatively to. I could actually not react , not tighten and that has given me the ability to have choices. Choices such as doing nothing, not being defensive or being spontaneous.  I can respond instead of react. It is a tool and a skill that I shall keep practicing all my life.





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