The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a profound and rich method for improving one’s physical, mental and emotional life because it addresses the causes of tension and pain rather than just the symptoms themselves. The results are long lasting and can be transformational. It has been employed successfully by countless people in myriad professions, from those of us who work at computers to musicians, athletes, actors, singers, and public speakers. The Alexander Technique  has helped people with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. It is very effective in dealing with emotional issues, such as anxiety, social and stage fright. The principles of the AT can be applied to all the situations humans are confronted with.

F.M. Alexander developed the technique over 120 years ago. He observed that the mind and body are inseparable and that interference with natural coordination and ease begins in the mind with the (largely unconscious) development of poor habits. One of the main problems he discovered was modern man’s inability to adapt well to modern conveniences. A good example of this is how we hunch over when we work at a desk, work in the kitchen, or drive the car.  For all practical purposes it is if we think we have hip joints in our upper back or waist. We do not! We have spinal vertebras, which are called distortion joints that are designed for light turning and slight bending. It is our hips which are designed for major bending not our waists and torsos. Through the development of his technique Alexander helped thousands of people unlearn movement patterns/habits that were detrimental to their wellbeing.

The Alexander Technique is a neuromuscular educational method for reducing and eliminating  pain, particularly chronic pain. The goal of the technique is to teach self-sufficiency to its practitioners. It has also been called the “thinking person’s solution to pain.” Countless people have studied the technique as a last alternative after exhausting other methods in order to get rid of chronic pain. The Alexander Technique has endless applications for all areas of activity. The technique  teaches students how to undo poor movement patterns and habits that cause pain and discomfort.This “tool” has life long benefits that enable students to respond life’s stresses, whether physical, mental or emotional with ease and confidence.

My Alexander lessons with Deborah proved to be highly worthwhile and of value to me. I feel in just 15+ sessions I began to undo some of the habits responsible for the severe tension I’d felt for so long at the base of my head, top of my neck. I worked with Deborah for 6-8 weeks, 2 sessions a week and it was in the regularity of showing up to the work that I began to bring a new awareness to the way that I move. Deborah is a skilled teacher and obviously believes fully in the work. I highly encourage anyone who is seriously interested in restoring the body’s natural alignment and undoing the age old habits that result in chronic pain, however mild or severe to work with Deborah on a regular basis. I feel comforted to know about this work and to know that I can go back to work with Deborah in the future if and when I need it!

– Leila B. | Owner, The Pad Yoga Studio