Learning to STOP!

Dear Friends,

Early in the morning you rise and go to the kitchen to brew your first cup of tea or coffee and you will find yourself standing at the counter or sink. At this moment STOP and notice yourself:

Have you raised your shoulders up and caved them slightly forward in anticipation of grabbing the cups or filling the tea pot?

This tightening before your movement is in itself extraneous, too much, not necessary.

Experiment: What is the most natural amount of muscular effort needed to do the task?

Do I really need to tighten and raise my shoulders before I even raise my hands?

Just giving ones attention to the shoulders will improve the quality of their condition.

Finally, when standing still, sense your shoulders releasing and widening away from each other. Your neck will like that and breathing will become easier. Also when you stop long enough to notice one area, others will come to your attention too.

They are waiting for your good wishes as well.

Do this every morning, a meditation in movement.

And study the Alexander Technique to rid yourself of chronic repetitive tightening for good!






All stories by: Deborah