The thoughts we think!

“I have to finish this now.”

“I’m late!”

“Oh no, what will they think of me?”

“This has to be perfect. It has to be right.”

“Oh, I am such an idiot.”

All of these thoughts have very pronounced negative affects on the mind/body.

Try thinking about something that causes you stress and see what happens to your body.

You will notice that tightening can and does occur all over the body. In fact many times, it is the body’s signal to us that we are stressed: shortening of breath, tightening in our necks, discomfort in our stomachs or clenched jaw (just to list a few).

Our jobs, our lives and the pace of modern life produces habitual stress and this stress can often become chronic.

The Alexander Technique will teach you how to be Chronically DE Stressed, clearer thinking, and much more at ease. The results will be noticeable to you and your loved ones.



All stories by: Deborah