What Happens in a Lesson

We work with everyday movements and activities. At a first lesson the student moves in his/her normal way, walking, sitting, standing so that we see if these activities can be done with more ease and less tension. I will gently “direct” the student by the touch of my hands into a more efficient and ease filled way of moving. Students may have particular issues that they want to address. For example a student has tremendous neck and shoulder pain. This pain always is worse at the end of the workday. Activities that seem unrelated all have one thing in common and that is you and your habits. The same habits of holding up and narrowing the shoulders and arms happens whether you are texting, lifting weights, doing chores or driving to a greater or lesser degree. In a lesson we work together to increase awareness of tension and learn how to undo it. It is then used in activity. Each lesson is very gentle and very practical. Ultimately the student learns how to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to his/her own self care.

I started taking Alexander lessons because I felt like there were more productive and healthier ways to be utilizing my body. Since I started the technique it has helped me not only as an athlete, it has also helped lower my stress levels as well.

-Jesse T.  | Athlete, dancer, composer